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about me

I'm a South African designer working nationally in the building and decorating industry for over twenty years.

My introduction to the industry started in London in the mid 1990’s where I worked extensively with my husband’s building firm from a design perspective.  The company specialised in residential developments, renovations and refurbishments to houses and flats in central London.  This, together with my involvement in kitchen/cabinetry design with a Cape Town based family business since our return to South Africa ten years ago, has provided me with plenty of hands-on experience in dealing with all aspects of the trade.    Experience gained from life in London, Cape Town and now the Eastern Cape has provided me with a wealth of ideas and I believe enables me to create a unique signature for my projects both in the private and commercial sector.


My priority is to understand what a client wants from my services. Whether the brief is to simply enhance or retain the existing personalised feel, history and taste of a client’s existing home or whether a complete makeover is required to provide a totally new, beautiful and comfortable living space -  I am happy to comply.  The trick is to listen to the client’s individual needs and desires and carefully manage and direct the project so that an overall sense of style pervades without the interior appearing over styled and lacking a personal touch.  I often work with clients who are unable to manage their own renovation and require an onsite project manager, interior designer and decorator.  I am used to handling a variation of projects which involve anything from a simple replacement of existing furniture and furnishings through to working alongside architects and builders for new builds and complete renovations.  I will tailor-make my service to fit your personal requirements and budget.

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